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  • Ed Koehn


  • Gopher Koehn

    Dealership Mascot

    Meet Gopher. He is a 4 year old, 102 pound, Golden Labrador born and raised in Greenville, Michigan. He was born on December 30, 2009. Before he found his home at Ed Koehn Ford Dealership, Gopher lived on a farm. Gopher was originally in school at the local Paws for a Cause center to learn how to help people with disabilities. He was at the top of his class but had to drop out since he couldn't get along with the other dog school students on account of the fact that he cared too much for his owners which is why he acted a little too territorial around the other dogs. Ed Koehn found gopher and fell in love. That is when Ed adopted Gopher into his family. The bond between Ed and his dog Gopher became so strong that Ed couldn't stand to leave Gopher at home by himself so he decided to start taking him to work everyday. Gopher started out at Ed Koehn Ford Dealership as an intern under his dad Ed and eventually applied for the mascot position at the dealership after his first week of being here. Gopher was offered the job almost immediately after submitting his application and has been the dealership's mascot ever since. Gopher has helped sell over 1,000 cars and has even test-driven almost every one. Due to Gopher's great success and accomplishments, he has been given 2 beds at the dealership and is allowed to take naps wherever he pleases. Gopher has been the background for success here at the dealership and is an inspiration to dog-school dropouts everywhere.

  • Tony Bowling
    Sales Manageer

  • Dave White

    Service Manager

  • Rob Varney

    Business Manager

  • Pete Robinson

    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Pete has been with Ed Koehn since cars were invented. Pete resides in Coral, Michigan, where he operates a small buffalo farm. Pete has been selling cars for over 12 years, all of which have been at Ed Koehn Ford. In his downtime at the dealership, Pete enjoys napping, complaining and staring at his computer screen as a baby echidna would stare at a Rubix Cube. He is called Discount Pete because he gives discounts to people before they even ask for them. Pete's best friend is Gopher. They share a deep philosophical understanding of the world.

  • Bill Meier

    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Bill Meier has been with Ed Koehn for 6 years and counting. He is a man of strong faith and values and that transcends through his excellent treatment of customers. His only flaw is his inability to retain ownership of his coveted pens. Bill has been losing pens for the last two years and he is beginning to suspect that perhaps someone is thieving the pens when he is away from his desk. Steps have been taken to disprove the phenomenon of the disappearing pens. Bill has recently installed a sophisticated security system that includes a retinal scanner and an 8 inch thick steel safe to house his pens but to no avail. Whoever is taking these pens is really good. Perhaps the pen thieves are also the infamous stapler thieves as well?

  • Patrick Sheppard

    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Patrick currently resides in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. He has been an active musician since age 21 and also enjoys ice hockey. One of his bands, Sahara Steel, enjoyed moderate success in the 1980's hair metal boom. He still plays live shows around the area and a lot of the employees here say he is amazing to watch. His only flaw is modesty. Patrick is enthusiastic about life and it shows through his communication with customers. He excels at creating a memorable experience for anybody shopping at Ed Koehn Ford.

  • Todd DeLore

    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Todd has been part of the Ed Koehn Group since 2010. Now I have the chance to continue my career with all seven of the car lines I've represented for the past 20 years. Working for Ed has made it possible for me to offer all of my customers great deals and hassle free service even in Greenville. I look forward to helping you in the future.

  • Matt Babcock

    Sales and Leasing Consultant

  • Mitch Stressman

    Sales and Leasing Consultant

  • William Jones
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Mitch 'Vinny' Vining
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Brittany Bennett
    Sales & Leasing Assistant

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