New Versus Used: The Benefits Of Both

If you're ready to take the plunge and purchase a vehicle, you'll first have to make the decision of whether you want to buy a brand-new model, such as a new Ford F-150, Ford Focus, or Ford Escape, or a used car, truck, SUV, or van. While both options have their downsides, they also come with plenty of benefits.

New Car Benefits

Perhaps the biggest plus to leasing or loaning a new vehicle is that it's, well, new. In the car world, new means the latest technology, the most prestigious model of the vehicle in question, and the most up-to-date comfort, performance, and safety features. Besides that, you'll be able to drive away knowing that you're the first owner of this vehicle and that thought makes new car drivers proud of what they've accomplished.

Purchasing a new vehicle also allows you to choose from two different financing options: leasing and loaning. A used car cannot be leased, which takes away a great auto financing opportunity. And, with all of the factory warranties a new vehicle comes with, you can have the peace-of-mind that you deserve knowing that your new model is good to go for many years to come.

Used Car Benefits

Cars are built differently these days and are lasting much longer. This makes purchasing a used car a much better investment than even 10-years ago. When you buy a used vehicle from Ed Koehn Ford Lincoln, you not only can rest at ease knowing that it's been thoroughly inspected by trained technicians, but you'll also experience a less expensive price for the same, if not better, vehicle you wanted to buy new.

You'll also save money in a few other ways. The most notable is the lack of depreciation. A new car will depreciate by 20-percent as soon as you drive off of the lot and, after the first year, that depreciation will go up to as much as 30-percent. A used car has already faced that depreciation and will be worth more when you decide to trade it in the next time around. You'll also spend less in registration, car insurance, and the over-all price tag.

Find Your New Or Used Car At Ed Koehn Ford Lincoln

Whether you want to drive back home to Belding, Cedar Springs or Rockford MI in a brand-new Ford or Lincoln vehicle or you're looking for a more affordable used car to take back to Ionia MI or Greenville MI, we, here at Ed Koehn Ford Lincoln, can offer you both. Stop by to see what we have available today!

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